Indoor Craft Fair

Our Indoor Craft Fair is running Saturday and Sunday 7th / 8th / 14th / 15th/ 21st / 22nd of December from 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Here you will find lots of gorgeous gift ideas, including jewellery, fashion, art and lots more, all from local suppliers!

See below some of our Local Craftspeople who will be taking part over the three weeks;

Anne Healy – Biddy’s Good Luck Horse Shoes

Anne is delighted to be back in Butler House this year for the Craft Fair with a selection of Christmas Good Luck Horse Shoes. The tradition of good luck has been associated with the horse shoe for centuries, and Anne brings that old tradition to life. Using only genuine Horse Shoes, Anne gives them a contemporary twist!

See some of Anne’s creations, and some gorgeous gift ideas on Facebook here.

Anna Lawler – Crafty Gemstone Crystals

Anna will be bringing with her large collection of Handmade Crystal & Gemstone Suncatchers, Birthstone Guardian Angels and many more styles of Hanging Feng Shui Crystals such as Chakra Colours, Tree of life, Unicorn and Butterfly themed. Mini rainbows beam around the room when the sun hits the crystal prism. According to the principles of Feng Shui, the Crystal Prism helps remove negative energy from its environment and when hung in a sunny window draws positive energy from the outside into the room.

Anna’s Crystals all come in red gift bags, perfect for Christmas.

You can find Anna on Facebook here.

Gina Renehan – G Designs

A Kilkenny native, Gina loves nothing more than making something new out of old – up cycling!

Gina has always loved working with acrylics and being married to a painter and decorator, has access to some house paints, which sometimes, allows her to channel her inner Jackson Pollock. As well as creating functional art, her services include matching artworks to house colour schemes.

One of Gina’s favourite mediums is resin. This allows a new area of creativity and designs. Expect to find some gorgeous gift ideas from clocks to serving boards!

You can find Gina on Facebook here.

Enjoy some festive fare from the Christmas Garden while you browse!

Helen Synott - Fairy Folk & Friends

Fairyfolk & Friends is created and imagined by Helen Synott. Helen is a local crafter who works with yarns, felt and fabrics. Fairyfolk is a collection of Fairies, Pixies, Elves and Mythical Creatures.