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So what is a Micro Wedding?

A Micro Wedding is an intimate wedding with up to 30 of your favourite people in the world to witness you take your vows in a venue that you absolutely love. We can marry you absolutely anywhere from the woods, to the beach, the mountain, a waterfall or a place that has special connection for you both. 

Why go to the registry office for a less than average wedding experience? By choosing a Micro Wedding you will have a beautiful, intimate, luxury wedding without the astronomical price tag, where you can incorporate as much or as little tradition as you want… it’s your day…. have it Your Way!! 

As wedding costs increase, couples are looking for alternatives to a traditional expensive wedding.  In 2019, in a survey of over 2,000 participants showed Irish couples spend on average €24,427 on their big day!! Over 17% took out a loan to cover some of the costs …. Going into debt starting off their married life…. Not on our watch!

A Micro Wedding is the ultimate in minimalist wedding planning. You simply choose from one of our plans, or we can create a bespoke plan for you on how you want to celebrate your day, then you show up and get married – We will do the rest for you!

Sounds like your kind of thing … then all you have to do is, just a few steps….that we put into one sentence!

Decide how many guests you want (0-30) and what day and where you want to get married. You choose your date, obtain your marriage licence, choose your colour palette for your florals and decide what you’re going to wear!! We will take it from there and put together the most perfect celebration that’s all about you as a couple!

We take care of everything for you, from Officiant, to styling and décor to your very own glam squad of hair and make-up artists, photographer, music and catering…. even your cake! 

When you start planning a traditional wedding, you quickly realize that, at some point, it becomes less and less about celebrating your love and your new life as a married couple and more and more about seating arrangements, feeding 150 people, and wedding décor. We understand that your wedding is about you and your future marriage, and not about the 150+ guests you should invite. 

We also understand that a lot of couples want to get married without all the decision making and huge cost of having to invite a never ending guest list to their wedding, Micro Weddings take away all that hassle and stress.

This is a great choice for couples who don’t want a huge bill at the end of their big day because they would rather spend that money on an amazing honeymoon or a deposit for their first home together, couples with children who want their day to be a family focused celebration.

Our Micro Weddings are ALL ABOUT YOU, we want you to have the happiest day. You can be as creative as you want with your vows, if your style is to turn up in Monique Lhuillier dress and Louboutin shoes or turn up in a red dress and a pair of converse, then that’s you’re thing…. It’s your day, your way.

It's really for the chill couple who want an awesome wedding without breaking the bank! Having a smaller wedding also means you can have control over your wallet, you can be more creative, you won’t feel the pressure to include all the traditions that never really resonated with you. It’s your day, write your own rules.

The Best Day Ever, at a fraction of the cost!

Check out one of our recent Micro Weddings with our lovely couple Zoe & Daniel, click on the link

For more information on how you can have the most incredible Micro Wedding, contact Rachel on 086 8298706 or visit our website 

Rachel x


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