Weddings in the New Norm - How to have an elegant wedding in a post COVID world

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Conventional is now unconventional, regular is now irregular, order is now disorder. As the ever-present global burden carries on, seemingly indefinitely, we are seeing radical thinking and emerging innovation when it comes to uniting the affianced. It may be “marry now, party later” or just “marry now”, either way, there are opportunities to create unique and intimate memories.

Weather permitting

Constraints around wedding numbers means that couples are thinking of ways to maximise attendance. Venues with Trees, Gazebos and Gardens are featuring top of the list for ceremonies, allowing safe spacing and beautiful backdrops. Even if the weather doesn’t allow us to host outdoors, intimate gatherings with a close circle of family and friends are de rigeur for those keen on sealing the deal and not wanting to wait indefinitely. Unsurprisingly, this has facilitated a higher spend per person, and affords an more luxurious experience.


An obvious consequence of government advice is the new and creative layouts and floor plans that allow people to come together while maintaining safety. Aside from seating arrangements at the ceremony and dinner, we’re seeing dance pods and circles becoming a thing.  We’re also seeing bespoke and personalised favours on tables such as masks and hand-sanitisers, and alternatives to wedding cake, which is no longer allowed to be displayed and shared on the day.


Live-streaming is intrinsic to the current celebrations. Being able to share the special moments with a wider circle of people who are not present is vital, especially for anyone cocooning, that the newlyweds would love to have there.


A continuing direction emerging has been eco considerations and with smaller numbers attending, creativity is abundant with regard to green, sustainable detail and individual personalisation. Couples are enjoying putting together a bespoke and more thoughtful event for their guests.


The imposed intimacy of events is encouraging creative thinking about decor and areas of interest.  Fashion trends that were present earlier in 2020 are still seen albeit in a pared back manner - lots of twinkling light or candles for outdoors; personalised photo booth areas; 

Very colourful bouquets and flower arrangements; colourful bridesmaid dresses and accessories; and, perhaps oddly, a tendency towards simpler shoes for the bride - comfort becoming a priority above all else!


Possibly the most prevailing idea is that of simplicity.  Many of us have taken stock while confined at home in the past few months and there has undoubtedly been a mind shift when it comes to what’s important. Having to cut the invitation list right down; having to carefully consider the food and drink and how it’s served; having to readjust the big dreams to smaller ones, has led to a realisation that the wedding is really about two people, and as long as they are at the heart of the day, it will be special and it will be beautiful. 


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