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We were delighted to be asked to write a Blog for Butler House as part of their Wedding Series. Oh how we love talking all things wedding rings! So let's dive straight in shall we?

Firstly, allow plenty of time for your wedding rings to be made, minimum 6 weeks. Not only does this mean you will be more organized ahead of your big day, but you may also save money! The price of precious metals and diamonds generally increase over time, so the sooner you order your wedding rings, the more you will save.

For ladies, choosing the wedding ring is often quite straightforward as it will be in keeping with the engagement ring. It is a case of deciding whether you want to have a plain band or a diamond set wedding ring. More often than not if you have diamonds going down the side of your engagement ring then a diamond set wedding band will suit better. With a solitaire diamond engagement ring either a plain or diamond set band will work. We also suggest keeping in mind that you might want to add an eternity ring at a later stage.

If your engagement ring is set in such a way that it requires a shaped wedding ring, we take a laser scan of the engagement ring and then make a bespoke wedding band to fit around it. This process can take longer so again, allow plenty of time.

There are many different options when choosing gents wedding rings and I always like to approach this in a very logical way! Firstly we determine the shape of the wedding ring, for example, rounded or flat. Then we look at how wide the wedding ring will be. We can then apply different patterns or perhaps leave it simply polished. Finally we outline the different prices of various precious metals and the pros and cons of each of them, such as the durability of Platinum or the affordable price of Sterling Silver.

For the finishing touches you can have a message or date engraved on the inside of your wedding rings. It's also a good idea to have your own engagement ring cleaned, polished and checked approximately 2 weeks before your wedding. Leaving it until the last minute will only add another thing to do the week of your wedding!

Lastly, remember that your wedding rings will become more than just a piece of metal, the sentimental value will far outweigh the cost of them so take the time and enjoy the process of choosing them!

I hope I have given you a little insight into the world of wedding rings. If you would like to view our collection, please feel free to contact us to book your appointment.

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