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With a myriad of photographers out there it can be daunting researching a photographer for your wedding. Start off with choosing what style may meet your vision of how you would like your day to be photographed, some styles tend to favour a documentary approach and some a classic structured look, so it is important to understand which style suits you both best.

Here are some of my tips for choosing the right photographer for you!

Style: Choose the right fit for you, documentary or classic, or a mix of the two! There is something out there for everybody. Instagram and Pinterest can really convey their respective styles and really act like a giant mood board. Ask your photographer to show you recent real weddings instead of sample albums as this will convey their work throughout the day.

Budget: Pricing around professional photographers may at first feel costly, however this is not an area where you can cut corners as inevitably it will show in the final result. Consider the time spent on the day is often 14 hours coverage, another 2/3 days editing along with more production days on album and design presentation of images. This can often be a full week production on a single wedding. Talk with your photographer about your budget expectations as there is many optons to be considered even post wedding such as album upgrades etc.

Experience: Many factors can influence the flow of the day, a well seasoned photographer can deal with every situation thrown at them, and this is usually learned over the course of many years. Choose a photographer with a positive attitude and demeanor, having someone around you and your bridal party who can make you feel at ease and comfortable will really be reflective in your photos. Avoid asking friends or family to photograph your day unless they are fully competent and comfortable with the task in hand or are experienced professionals. 

Reviews: While personal reviews and accolades are a positive starting point I would always suggest a meeting with your prospective photographer either in person or via a skype call. Having a good relationship and understanding your photographer is crucial for both parties and any concerns or queries can be discussed before you make your decision on booking.

Current Trends

I only recently found an album from when I first started out, and the trend then was corset tops, big skirts and up styled hair, thankfully the styles have somewhat moved on and less is often best when it comes to individual style.

Brides: Currently, I see more and more elegant silhouette style gowns with clever embellishment added on as a belt or sometimes as a cap sleep or bolero. These dresses give amazing results back on camera as fuller dresses can sometimes be harder to define shape and form. I also see more blush and champagne colours in the gowns which gives a lovely warm tone to the Irish skin complexion. 

Grooms: The lads are really rocking it these days, and yes the blue and navy is still strong, but what I find looks really well is a tweed  3 piece suit. It looks amazing when teamed up with a skinny tie or bow, always looks sharp and well groomed. Black Tie is also doing the rounds at any time of the year, and has that timeless feel especially for the black and white photos.

Here's some things I am loving at the moment!

Smoke Bombs, Vintage Signs, Up Cycled Pallets with the Table Plan, Mr & Mrs Balloons, Wedding Day Craft Beer, Rustic and Wild Bouquets, Pony Tails, Winged Eyeliner, Head Pieces, Saphires and Emeralds, Superhero Cufflinks, Split Wedding Cakes, Caricaturists, DJ and Sax Combo, Selfie Mirrors, VW Campers, Prosecco Vans, Vintage Ice Cream Trucks, Starlight Dancefloors and my favourite - Sparklers!

And in the immortal words of Oscar Wilde Be yourself; everyone else is already taken!

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